I needed some basil...

I needed some basil to make my fresh cherry tomato sauce for dinner tonight and wanted to checkout a local farmer's market. Believe it or not, real farmer's markets are hard to find around these parts of London on a Sunday but there was one in Blackheath. On y va!

The DLR was not running today so the local bus was one option. We arrived to find a nice little market (that had basil) and lots of fresh tomatoes and veg. There were probably about 15 - 20 stands selling everything from vegetables to flowers, to cheese and beaver pie! (Not real beaver). It was a gorgeous day for a market and a beautiful day to explore the little village of Blackheath.

Blackheath has many little bakeries, pubs, fashion boutiques and cafes and a beautiful town green that abutted the All Saint's church.

Since it was such a beautiful day and we could see the hi rises of Canary Wharf in front of us, we decided to walk back home rather than take the bus back. Located just south of Greenwich, our walk through Blackheath Green led us to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, past the Meridien Line to a beautiful view of the city in front of us.

We stopped to watch the cricketers

and headed home with our morning harvest from the market. What did you do this Sunday?


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